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    How To Calm Dogs On The 4th Of July – The Essentials

    Two dogs wearing American flag bows.

    Barbecues. Pools. Bonfires. Fireworks. While many would agree that these combined activities make for a perfect summer, your pup probably has an opinion of its own. The loud boom of fireworks and the dreaded 4th of July isn’t a favorite holiday for most pets.

    In fact, the 4th of July can be quite scary and traumatizing for dogs.

    Tips on How to Calm Dogs on the 4th of July Celebration

    This summer, get a head start. A little preparation can go a long way and may help them avoid a fireworks frenzy. Keep reading for several tips and tricks for how to calm dogs on the 4th of July.

    Create A Safe Space For Your Dog

    You may think simply staying home with your pup is enough. But the fact is, fireworks are loud. Even in the comfort of their own home, many dogs get spooked by the loud noises. And to make matters worse, fireworks are often shot off in several different directions, adding to the confusion and chaos. A great way to calm dogs on the 4th of July is to create a safe space designated for them.

    Prepare a room for them that’s free of harmful objects. Some dogs can become destructive when they hear fireworks. That’s why it’s important to keep the room open and without any dangerous items.

    If you find your dog is hiding because of the excessive noise, it’s probably best to let them be. It may frighten them even more if you try to remove them from their hiding spot. Instead, add familiar items to their space. Items like a favorite blanket or chew toy. Comforting objects can be very beneficial when considering how to calm dogs on the 4th of July.

    Get In Some Exercise

    A few hours before the fireworks begin, you may consider taking your dog for a walk. So long as it’s in a place free of fireworks, of course! By getting in some good old exercise, your dog can exert some much-needed energy. Having less energy during the fireworks gala may mean less stress and pent-up energy later on.

    Stock Up On Tasty Treats to Calm Your Dog on the 4th of July

    We never promote over-indulgence, but having a few of your pup’s favorite treats on hand during the 4th of July may be a good distraction. If your dog can spend a good amount of time licking and chewing away on their favorite treats or toys, it may help take the focus off of the fireworks.

    Carolina Prime’s Pork Jerky Stuffed Beef Hooves can be a tasty distraction. This yummy treat is made with high quality ingredients and amazing flavors many dogs can’t resist. It can also satisfy your dog’s need to chew. Distractions are good and can not only be comforting for dogs but can also help pass the time.

    Our Peanut Butter Coated Sweet Potato Fries are another delicious option! They feature carefully sourced sweet potatoes and scrumptious peanut butter. Show your little guy or gal that you’re thinking of them by passing them one or two of their favorite treats.

    Leave The TV On

    Want to enjoy the festivities but not sure how to calm dogs on the 4th of July? If you’re planning on being out while your pup stays in, there are still tricks you can utilize. One trick is to leave the TV on. If your dog enjoys a certain style of music or frequently watches/listens to a certain television show, now may be the time to turn it on. Comforting sounds can help drain out those pesky fireworks and give your pet a sense of comfort.

    Minimize The Sound Entering Your Home

    Another proven tip to calm your dog on the 4th of July is by closing the windows and pulling the curtains shut as these can help reduce the amount of noise entering your home. If there are specific rooms in your house that are more sound-proof than others, you could set up a safe space there.

    If you have a finished basement, consider spending your evening together there. While noises are likely still to be heard, they may be greatly reduced. And if you do choose to camp out in the basement, might as well bring along some of your pup’s favorite treats, toys, and activities. Spend the evening doing their favorite things and they’ll be less focused on the fireworks.

    Update Your Dog’s Collar & Tags

    One of the most important things to consider on the 4th of July is ensuring your dog is properly tagged. Unfortunately dogs are more likely to run away or get lost around the 4th, so identification is crucial. Should your dog get out, proper identification can be helpful in bringing them back home safely.

    Knowing how to calm dogs on the 4th of July can greatly reduce their anxiety and help them get through the holiday as best as possible. Get a kickstart on 4th of July preparedness now. A little extra comfort and concern can go a long way for your precious doggy!

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