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Carolina Prime Salmon Jerky Dog Treats

Are your dog’s salmon jerky treats just salmon “flavored?” Kind of like seafood that tastes like it could be from the ocean, but isn’t. Don’t settle for “fish-flavored” dog treats when you can give your furry friend the real deal.

Our Salmon Jerky dog treats are real Alaskan Salmon, and we like to keep things flavorful. We’re talking premium herbs and spices like paprika, rosemary, and salt. The final product? High-quality, tasty treats that satisfy that constant need to chew – they’ll keep those tails wagging.

What’s To Love About Our Salmon Jerky Dog Treats:

  • Salmon is brimming with rich Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • These treats are rich in DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acid known to support brain health and function.
  • When we say salmon, we mean real salmon. Go ahead and read our label. It’s the very first ingredient in these yummy treats.
  • Salmon is filled with vitamin B12, selenium, potassium, and magnesium.
  • These jerky treats are soft and chewy – perfect for our smaller canine friends too!
  • These delicious dog treats are natural, oven-baked, and grain-free.
  • Loaded with Vitamin D, which is known to be essential for maintaining healthy bones and muscles in dogs.
  • Salmon is known for being healthy for your dog’s skin and fur.
  • The natural ingredients in salmon are known to support canine heart health.
  • They’re also known to promote joint health!
  • They’re also a natural source of antioxidants, which can strengthen your dog’s immune system.
  • Carolina Prime dog treats are packed with high-quality ingredients. These flavor-packed salmon pieces are the same. So you know you’re filling your dog’s diet with the best.

Treat your dogs to a new and exciting way of snacking. Carolina Prime Salmon Jerky is only a click away.

Here are a few common questions about salmon jerky:

Can dogs eat dehydrated salmon treats?

Generally speaking, yes. Most vets say that dehydrated salmon dog treats are safe for dogs. It’s known to be a very healthy treat for dogs. That said, please consult your vet. We keep the strictest standards – we prepare our treats properly and safely.

Is jerky made from salmon healthy for dogs?

First, our jerky and dog treats are safe for dogs, salmon, and otherwise. These salmon dog treats are full of rich Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and lots of protein. It’s brimming with nutrients. Essential nutrients are known to improve joint health, cardiovascular health, and more.

What about fish jerky in general? Is fish jerky good for dogs?

Naturally, we recommend the nutrient-rich Alaskan salmon jerky the most. Fish jerky (in general) has many of the same benefits as salmon jerky. But salmon tends to come out ahead. Its omega fatty acid content is higher than most fish, for one. It also has more vitamin D than most fish. That alone sets it apart.

Is Alaskan salmon better for dogs?

Research shows that Alaskan salmon eat healthier nutrients. (Compared to farm-raised salmon especially.) Does that mean it’s healthier? Well, it’s certainly possible. But salmon in general, whether farm-raised or Alaskan, is known to be healthy for dogs. Most experts seem to recommend Alaskan salmon over farm-raised salmon, but both are great options.

Can my dog eat salmon every day?

Dogs love salmon and wild-caught salmon. They’ll probably scarf up as much as they can, as often as possible, but they can have too much. Ask your veterinarian, but they’ll tell you dogs shouldn’t eat too much salmon. And a full meal of salmon every day would likely be too much. Of course, it depends on how much you’re giving, how big your dog is, and other details. It’s very possible to have too much of a good thing.

Is salmon better than chicken for dogs?

The verdict from most veterinarians on this is simple – both are good, but salmon is slightly better. Dogs thrive on diets containing lots of meat, partially because of the protein. And both salmon and chicken have plenty of protein and are generally highly recommended for dogs. That said, the leaner meats with the best nutritional value (protein plus omega fatty acids, vitamin D, etc) are usually slightly preferred by vets; meats like salmon.

Can dogs with food allergies have salmon jerky?

Salmon jerky can be a great option for many dogs with food allergies, especially to grains, for example. That said, it’s always best to consult your vet before introducing new treats to a dog with known food sensitivities.

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I recommend this product

You confused me..!

I have always purchased “Blue Ridge Naturals” and my dogs swear by them! So image my surprise when a different name popped up on my computer — Carolina Prime!! Can’t be too careful when you want the very best for your dogs!!

Sharon S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best treat ever

My elderly Pug just loves these treats and they have good ingredients in them that are healthy.

I recommend this product

Crazy over salmon jerky

My 2 yorkies go crazy over these treats. I’ve also bought the pork jerky, sweet potato and salmon, dental jerky and white Alaskan . They absolutely love these treats.

I recommend this product


So far perfect‼️

Elsie R.
I recommend this product

Salmon Jerky, my dogs and I love it.

First, it is important to me that my dogs are eating a healthy treat. I like that they are easily broken or cut into small pieces for training. They are easy to carry and not messy. Great also, only 25 calories per stick.

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