Salmon Topper-Trainer Treats

We know how hard it can be to train your favorite dog-pals. And those old treats stuffed away in your pantry just aren’t doing the trick anymore.

We’ve got you covered. Our Carolina Prime Salmon Topper Trainer Treats are the perfect way to reward your dog for a job well done. Made from Alaskan Salmon and chicken, these bite-sized treats will bring a whole new level of joy to dog-training.

What’s To Love:

  • Carolina Prime dog treats are made in the USA with only top quality ingredients you can trust.
  • These Salmon Topper Trainer Treats are scrumptious! They appeal to even the pickiest pups.
  • An easy way to enhance the flavor of dry food, these treats will add variety to your dog’s diet.
  • Soft-textured and moist. No such thing as dried out treats here, folks.
  • Made with real Alaskan Salmon and chicken. Go ahead and read the label. They’re listed first.

Roll-over, spin, or how about a hand shake? Bring back the excitement of training when you reward your dog with these delicious bite-sized topper treats. You’ll love the quality and they’ll love the flavor. Place your order today!

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

5 oz, 12 oz

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