Turkey Wrapped Sweet Potato Bones

Having a picky eater at home can be overwhelming. Especially if they’re on all fours. Giving our dogs high quality treats without unnecessary additives is imperative. But what happens if they refuse almost everything you offer? Including what you think are “rewards.”

Thankfully, Carolina Prime has you and your pup covered. These Turkey And Sweet ‘Tater Bone Wraps are perfect for even the pickiest eaters. Made from sweet potatoes and turkey, and flavored with a dash of salt, these treats are absolutely scrumptious. Those paws will be dancing for more.

What’s To Love:

  • At Carolina Prime, we believe our furry friends deserve only the best. That’s why we source only top quality ingredients and create yummy flavor combinations your dog can’t refuse.
  • Lovingly made by our dedicated crew, right here in North Carolina.
  • Features USDA-inspected lean turkey.
  • Delicious and fun! These treats are shaped like little dog bones – making the entire experience much more enjoyable.

Having a picky eater doesn’t have to be absolutely miserable! These turkey and sweet potato dog treats help immensely! Place your order today!

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

4 oz, 12 oz

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