In this post: The Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs – We’ve Got The Scoop!
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    The Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs – We’ve Got The Scoop!

    Corgi sitting in front of white couch near Christmas tree.

    Ever find yourself wondering what us humans did to deserve dogs? If you’re like a lot of pup parents then chances are you have. And that’s why shopping for dog Christmas gifts can be such a challenge! Have you been scouring the internet the entire month of December to find the best Christmas gift for your dog? We get it…

    Not to mention the added challenge of trying to find a unique pup present that will still get that tail trembling after spoiling your merry mutt all year long. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it. That said, the burning question remains: What’s the perfect dog Christmas gift for the best furry friend around?

    Luckily, this list of Christmas gifts for your pup is jam-packed with goodies for every type of tail-wagging tot. So start making that list and checking it twice!

    For The Ones Who Live For Cuddling

    The holidays can be a stressful time, so treat your beloved pooch to a relaxing doggy bed that will help keep the peace amongst the Christmas chaos. A cozy cot is one of the most underrated dog Christmas gifts. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year-round.

    New beds can also be a great tool for training. Utilize a corner of your home where your dog feels comfortable and practice new commands. “Go to bed” or “stay” are great commands to use and practice on a daily basis. This valuable training time may even lead to a tasty reward and a spot on the ‘nice list’!

    The Dogs Full Of Energy

    Diet and exercise are two extremely important factors that contribute to your dog’s happiness and lifestyle. While our treats are made from responsibly sourced ingredients within the U.S., keep your rambunctious rover active with a new toy. A glow-in-the-dark ball or a chewable fetch stick may be a real winner.

    Sneak away from the holiday havoc and treat your pup to a park date with a game of fetch or chase to get their heart rate flowing as fast as their tail! This is one canine Christmas gift that’s sure to entertain for a multitude of miles!

    Pups In Training

    Just as dogs require physical activity, mental stimulation is equally as important. It aids in keeping senses sharp and deterring unwanted behaviors. This Christmas, give the gift of ‘genius’ with products like interactive dog feeders or strategy puzzles. These types of gifts can help alleviate boredom and promote good behavior. Who doesn’t want that?

    Mental brain games are some of the best Christmas gifts for dogs because without knowing it, your pup is being forced to utilize their senses (some of which they don’t typically use as often) all while having fun!

    For The Ones With Anxiety

    If you’re worried about finding a Christmas gift for dogs with anxiety, it’s time to brush off your own worries and allow us to assist. New gadgets like lick mats release endorphins in your dog’s brain, which can help calm your canine down in stressful situations.

    Longer-lasting treats like Carolina Prime’s Turkey Tendons can also help keep your pup busy for long stretches at a time. As with all treats, be sure to keep a watchful eye as your dog gets to chomping.

    Older Dogs Who Love To Lounge

    What do you give the senior sweetie who’s seen it all in their elder days? This year, give the gift of luxury for your old man as they curl up with a new fleece throw or an orthopedic memory foam bed (fit for royalty, of course!).

    For more sentimental senior dog Christmas gifts, get crafty with an old t-shirt or pillowcase with traces of your scent on it, which tends to have a calming effect on your pup when their paw-rents are out for long periods of time. This way, they’ll never miss your warm presence throughout each and every day!

    Motivated By Food?

    Most dogs are food-motivated, so if you’re wondering whether new treats are an acceptable gift for your pup, the answer is always YES. Our savory dog treats are responsibly sourced in the U.S. and made with wholesome ingredients your little Santa Paws will drool over!

    This year, give the gift that really keeps on giving by subscribing to any of our all-natural snacks with the option of delivery however often you choose at a discounted rate. Having fresh snacks to unwrap all year long?! Can’t get better than that!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our pack to yours!

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