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    Tips For Puppy Proofing Your Home

    Puppy biting loose cords at home.

    So you’re thinking of bringing a new puppy home and your excitement is through the roof. But here’s something you might have overlooked: puppy proofing your house or apartment. No matter how little or cute your pup may be, it’s easy for them to get into things you may not want them to. And it’s just as easy for your new friend to turn your neatly organized home upside down.

    Wondering how to puppy proof your house before your little bundle of energy arrives? We’ve got some great tips that will help you keep your home safe, organized, and aesthetically pleasing all while your furry friend adjusts to their new space.

    How to Puppy Proof Your Home

    Ready to puppy proof your home without sacrificing your carefully curated style? Keep reading to learn several important tips and tricks!

    Keep Away All Electrical Wires

    Puppies love to chew. That’s why it’s important to put away any items that present choking hazards. Electrical wires, laptop chargers, and other cords that might be plugged in can cause an electrical shock or mouth burns. Instead of worrying if your puppy might find them, make sure they can’t gnaw on them whatsoever. The best puppy proofing solution for electrical problems? Ensuring that they’re completely out of site and out of reach!

    Carefully Store Cleaning Supplies & Other Dangerous Items

    Though puppies may be tiny, they can be fierce. Opening drawers and cabinets they can reach might be a piece of cake for some. That’s why it’s important to store any chemicals, sharp objects, and other dangerous items within cabinets they can’t possibly nuzzle open. If storing items in high cabinets isn’t an option, consider investing in childproof latches that will stop your pup from gaining access to those things.

    Keep Treats Out Of Sight

    It’s hard for a new puppy to resist treats, and it can be harder for you to resist those puppy-dog eyes. Once your puppy is considered old enough by your vet to consume dog treats, be sure to keep those treats out of sight as part of puppy proofing plan. Over-indulgence may keep your pup from eating their main meals. That’s why something as delicious as Carolina Prime Pet’s Cheeze & Sweet Potato Tiny Bites or Salmon & Chicken Jerky Topper Trainer Treats should be properly stored. If these delicious and easy to eat treats are in plain sight, can you even blame your precious pupper?

    Keep Your Garbage Covered

    The last thing anyone wants is their garbage thrown all over the kitchen floor. Or even out in the backyard. But pups will be pups and getting into the garbage bin can be enticing. Puppy proofing is all about taking preventative measures. Keep all trash cans and points of garbage throughout your home and in your yard closed and covered. This way, your garbage stays where it belongs – in the garbage.

    Invest In Pet-Friendly Upholstery & Home Decor

    It’s not fun to see your pup have an accident on your wall-to-wall carpet. Or worse, something expensive that can’t be cleaned whatsoever. Your floors get hit by a lot of traffic, especially if you’ve got a new pup at home. So, how do you puppy proof your home? It may be a good idea to invest in washable rugs. That way, if there are any accidents, you can roll it up and toss it in your washing machine. Many fabrics and home decor items these days are geared towards families with children and pets. That’s why more and more companies are creating pet-friendly furniture and fabrics – they can handle more wear and tear.

    Keep Your Toilet Lids Closed When Not In Use

    A bowl full of water? How can a puppy resist? Pups and dogs are quite drawn to toilets because they look like a big bowl of fun. Or a big gulp when they’re thirsty. But it isn’t a good idea to let them have access to it. Here’s the thing –not only is it messy, but a toilet may contain chemicals or harmful germs, and can even pose a drowning risk. Everyone at home should be on the same page and keep the toilet lid closed whenever it’s not being used.

    Puppy Proofing & Embracing Small Spaces

    Your puppy has just been introduced to an entire home. Instead of giving them complete freedom and access to every corner of your house, start small. Contain them in small spaces until they’re fully trained. You may want to utilize crates, baby/pet gates, and pens to keep their accessible space limited. At least until they’re familiar with what is okay for them to get into, and what isn’t.

    Puppy proofing your home before your pup actually enters for the first time is a great way to save yourself from some serious headache. But if that’s not possible, start puppy proofing your house or apartment right when you have the chance. It’ll make your life much easier, and your pup’s much safer.

    It’s not easy being a new pup in a whole new world. Why not reward them for a job well done while they’re training and getting accustomed to their new home? Offering wholesome, flavorful treats (ones that are appropriate for their age) can do wonders for their behavior while puppy proofing your home. It may even speed up the training process. Check out Carolina Prime Pet’s line of mouth-watering treats and see for yourself the wonders of delicious dog treats. Shop Now!

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