In this post: Dog Bone Treats – Why Dogs Love ‘Em & Which Ones Are Best
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    Dog Bone Treats – Why Dogs Love ‘Em & Which Ones Are Best

    Puppy chewing on a dog bone treat.

    It’s fun to give your pooch the occasional reward. And for many pups, no reward is quite as exciting as a juicy bone. For some families that may mean table scraps. But is this a good practice? And is it safe for dogs? Probably not. In this blog post we’ll discover why pups adore dog bone treats so much and the best options for treating them. When it comes to your dog’s favorite treats – especially dog bone treats, there may be a better way to dish ‘em out.

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    So Why Do Dogs Love Bones Anyways?

    It may be hard to associate your tiny chihuahua with a wolf. But a dog’s bone attraction goes far back. Back to the days of prehistoric survival. That’s when Teenie’s ancient ancestors had to hunt big game to survive. Scarce opportunities meant leftover bones were a stand-in for meals. The fat from the bone marrow could sustain a wolf until an animal could be brought down. Natural instinct accompanies the reasoning behind a dog’s desire to chew. Your baseboards, shoes, and table legs can probably all attest to that.

    What Are The Benefits Of Dog Bone Treats

    Besides furniture preservation, a dog bone treat can help satisfy a dog’s chewing instinct.
    They also play a role in keeping your pup’s teeth clean. Of course, they aren’t a substitute for good oral hygiene. That always matters. But some find that a dog bone treat can help prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

    Need to finish a paper or keep your pooch occupied during a rainy day? A dog bone treat may be a stellar way to keep Ralph busy and stimulated. Gnawing on a hearty treat can also reduce excessive paw licking or scratching.

    But Are They Safe?

    The short answer is that some say yes and some say no. Some believe that certain types of meat bones are safe with proper supervision. That’s why it’s always best to consult with your dog’s vet. Ask about safety and dietary needs before introducing a dog bone treat to your pup. With that said, here are some guidelines that most agree on. At the very least, keep these suggestions in mind before giving your pooch a dog bone treat. Let’s start with the “don’ts”.

    • Never give your dog bones that have been cooked (especially chicken bones)
    • Avoid small or sharp pieces
    • Don’t give your dog a bone if they have digestion issues
    • Avoid giving out bones to your pet when another dog’s visiting

    And here are a few other safety considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right dog bone treat for your furry friend:

    • Make sure you can’t bend or break the bone
    • Choose a bone with a smooth surface
    • Avoid porous bones

    And what about raw meat bones? That seems to be all the rage these days, but are they safe? Some say they pose less of a risk because they’re harder to split. But even still, dogs should always be supervised when chewing bones and raw bones should be refrigerated after a very short time (some say around 15 minutes). This can help prevent food-borne illness from raw meat contamination. If reading this part makes you cringe, you may want to skip to the next sections where we talk about dog bone treat alternatives.
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    How To Choose The Right Dog Bone Treat For Your Chewaholic

    Basically, you want the girth of the bone to be large enough so that your dog can remove the meat without consuming the bone. Our Pork Jerky Stuffed Smoked Pork Femur may be a hefty, juicy solution to your doggo’s chewing dilemma. Even the most aggressive bone chewers will likely find satisfaction. This bone treat has real smoked meat with yummy pork jerky filling. At Carolina Prime Pet, our treats are 100% USA-made and sourced. As always, we recommend supervision while your dog hunkers down and gets to chewing.

    Natural Bone Alternatives

    If you’re on the fence about natural dog bone treats, that’s ok. There are many alternatives to choose from. For instance, bully sticks and beef hooves satisfy ginormous chewing urges, too. Bully sticks provide a tough chew and generally aren’t a problem for canine teeth or gums.

    Not every dog is crazy about bully sticks, though. In that case, you may want to give our Pork Jerky Stuffed Beef Hooves a try. Beef hooves can make for an excellent dog bone treat alternative. We stuff ours with tantalizing, enticing all-natural pork jerky for an irresistible treat.

    Your One Stop Shop For Bone Treats

    We have a full-service selection of treats and chews that will satisfy most any sized yap.

    Our selection includes:

    And we also have softer alternatives, as well. Even meat-free “bones.” Check them out:

    If you need dog bone treats, we’ve got them. But don’t miss out on our entire selection of dog treats. There are so many flavor combinations to choose from!

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