Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato Stix


Love the convenience of stick-shaped treats, but wary of questionable meat sources? Put your worries to rest with Chicken Wrapped Sweet ‘Tater Sticks from Carolina Prime. We source all our ingredients in the USA, from highly-vetted, trustworthy providers.

These sticks feature a chewy texture that’s easy to chop into pieces for your smallest furry friends, but they’re large enough (about 5 inches) to satisfy a larger pooch. They contain only four ingredients, so you can treat your dog to something special without compromising.

What’s To Love:

  • Features hearty, homegrown USA sourced sweet potatoes.
  • The chewy texture lets dogs chomp away safely with no detriment to dental health.
  • The unique combo of premium US-sourced chicken and sweet potatoes offers maximum flavor.
  • Since they contain just the right amount of natural lean protein, these treats won’t spoil your dog’s regular meals. They may also be a good choice for dogs with sensitive tummies, since chicken is known to soothe stomach troubles in some dogs.

Don’t “stick it out” and settle for treats that aren’t transparent about their ingredient sources. Score the winning combo of quality and great taste with our Chicken Wrapped Sweet ‘Tater Sticks today!

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

5 oz, 12 oz


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