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    Dog Treats For Teeth: Ways To Keep Those Chompers Clean

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    Missing out on doggy snuggles because of your pupper’s bad breath? Fortunately, your dog’s stinky breath doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. There may be a fix!

    Oral hygiene is extremely important for dogs, like it is for humans. In this blog post we’ll discuss several steps you can take to improve your dog’s dental health. Not to mention, dog treats for teeth that are not only delicious but may aid in your dog’s dental hygiene routine. Keep reading to learn more!

    Why Is Doggy Dental Hygiene Important?

    Just like their human companions, a dog’s mouth naturally grows bacteria and plaque. This can quickly lead to tartar buildup. In fact, most dogs have some level of periodontal disease by age three. Excess saliva, bacteria, and food all contribute to plaque accumulation. One way to spot this is by noticing hard brown or yellow buildup on your dog’s teeth.

    Over time, these conditions will need vet care to be taken care of. Excess plaque can lead to bigger problems. Bad breath, sensitive teeth, cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, and heart disease are all possible side effects. Not only can these issues affect your wallet, but your best bud’s health and comfort too. Your vet will likely need to administer anesthesia in order to clean or repair your dog’s teeth and gums. If at all possible, it’s best to prevent this with proper care from the get-go.

    To help prevent problems and treat minor bad breath, consider dog treats for teeth. It’s a minor preventative measure, but when used regularly, dog treats for teeth can help scrape away tartar and freshen breath. You’ll both breathe easier without the added stench!

    How To Care For Those Chompers

    There are several steps you can take to help your pupper enjoy fresh breath and a healthier mouth. As always, it’s best to talk to your vet about your dog’s specific dietary and dental healthcare needs. But in the meantime, here are a few considerations to explore and discuss at your next visit:

    Healthy Diet

    What better place to start than with nutrition. A healthy diet comprised of natural ingredients can help benefit your dog’s health in more ways than one. Why? Because gut health and digestive issues can be contributing factors in smelly breath. Natural, quality ingredients are almost always best. In addition, some brands of dog food feature textured kibble. This can help reduce tartar buildup, but you may need a special prescription to obtain this type of food.


    It may be a total success or a complete failure. A lot depends upon your dog’s temperament! Some dogs will allow you to fiddle and probe around their mouth, while others are adamantly set against it. You’ll know which side of the fence your pup is on in a matter of seconds. Many veterinarian dentists recommend brushing a dog’s teeth weekly, if not daily.

    Dental Water Additives

    Some puppy parents opt to add solutions to their pup’s water to reduce tartar and plaque build-up. Water additives work like mouthwash and toothpaste in our own oral hygiene routines. But do ensure that the solution doesn’t contain potentially harmful ingredients.

    For it to be effective, it needs to be administered on a regular schedule in the correct dosing amount. This can get tricky in a multiple-dog household consuming gallons of water daily. It can also cause some doggy’s to have upset stomachs.

    Dog Treats For Teeth

    Our Real Meat Dental Jerky helps clean teeth by scraping away tartar and plaque as your doggo happily chews on them. They’re flavored with real chicken and come in a tantalizing, smoky flavor. Better yet, they contain peppermint, parley, and rosemary which aid in fresher breath!

    Unlike hard bones, these dog treats for teeth are easy to chew and break into smaller pieces. They’re wheat-free and a great option for many dogs small in stature or older in age. That said, dogs love bones and hooves, and these can help scrape away plaque too.

    “Chewsing” The Correct Chew

    Dog treats for teeth are designed to foster good dental health and freshen up breath. When used regularly, their grooves and ridges can gently scrape away minor tartar and plaque build-up. When trying to decide which treats to choose, consider the following things:

    Correct Sizing

    Dental treats are available in different sizes, just like our doggos. Like Goldilocks, you’ll want the “just right” fit for your precious pupper. A smaller dog will likely benefit from a smaller treat. If that’s not an option, consider treats that easily be broken into smaller pieces. Larger dogs, of course, benefit from larger treats. That way they don’t “woof” if down too quickly! A larger treat encourages more chewing for multi-surface cleaning.

    Healthy Ingredients

    When considering dog treats for teeth, consider their ingredients too! Who wants their dog chewing on treats made with icky fillers and artificial ingredients, anyhow? Since you’ll likely be tossing one to your sidekick regularly, make sure they’re made with natural, quality ingredients.

    Ready to take a step towards fresher doggy breath? Stock up on dog treats for teeth, with our Real Meat Dental Jerky! You’ll appreciate their natural, “just brushed” breath from peppermint, parsley, and other natural ingredients… while your pupper enjoys their treat!

    Depending upon your dog’s size, they can enjoy them whole, or break them apart into yap-sized nuggets for the smaller pups. Before long, you’ll be getting all the couch cuddles you can handle!

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