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    How to Keep Treats Fresh – Dog Treat Containers & More

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    Your pup deserves the very best of everything, right? Of course! Or at least that’s what we want for our dogs, even if they don’t always deserve it. And the best of everything includes the best treats. Your dog may not be concerned with their food’s quality, but you are. As dog owners, it’s on us to provide them with tasty, fresh, and healthy food. And one of the most overlooked ways to consistently provide fresh, healthy food and treats is with the right dog treat containers.

    Why Fresh Dog Food is Important

    Most of us have accidentally drunk spoiled milk or eaten rotten food, at least once. It’s far from a pleasant experience. You know how spoiled food tastes (and is) bad enough to make you sick?

    Dog food isn’t any different. If it’s not stored well, dog food can spoil and turn rancid. If their food becomes rotten, it can lose that all-important health factor, and even make your dog ill.

    Keeping your dog’s food fresh is vital for its health. And knowing the most effective ways to store the food will help to maintain its quality and nutrition.

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    Keeping Dog Food Fresh

    As soon as you open a bag of dog food or treats, it starts to degrade. The food loses its freshness when the bag opens and air touches it. You’ll want to keep that food as fresh as possible so that it lasts and delivers nutritious value for your dog.

    You can do a handful of things to keep your dog’s treats fresh, such as using the right dog treat containers to store the food. You’ll also want to keep the food in the original packaging, make sure the dog treat container is kept clean, and store the food in a dry area. Another option is to subscribe to Carolina Prime Pet’s subscription service for regular treat delivery.

    Dog Treat Containers

    Storing your dog food in the right dog treat containers is necessary for maintaining freshness, nutrition, and flavor. You’ll want to use airtight dog food storage containers to prevent air and moisture from getting to the food. Containers can be either plastic or stainless steel and must be airtight.

    When you store your dog’s food in these containers, you may prevent damaging elements from reaching it. This helps to maintain its freshness for a longer period.

    Original Packaging

    Make sure you use an airtight dog treat container to store your dog’s food. It’s also crucial that the food is stored in its original packaging and then placed in that container. Why? Well, there’s one big reason. Protection.

    It provides extra protection for the food. If air and other contaminants can get through the container, the food will spoil faster. The extra layer of protection makes it less likely that anything damaging will reach it. Instead, it should remain fresh for your pup.


    Another critical factor in the freshness of your dog food is the cleanliness of the storage container. Even if you’re using the right container, it can still cause issues for your food if it is not maintained and cared for. Dog food has a film that will cover your storage container unless you intentionally clean it. That film can impact the freshness of your treats. Make sure you’re wiping down and cleaning your container to help ensure the safety of your dog food.

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    Carolina Prime Pet Subscription Service

    Carolina Prime Pet uses responsibly sourced ingredients to make top-quality dog treats that your pup will love. Our high-quality dog treats provide the nutrition your dogs need and can be used as part of a healthy diet.

    Signing up for Carolina Prime Pet’s subscription service membership helps you keep your dog supplied with fresh dog treats. With our subscription service, you get to choose the frequency of your deliveries. Treats are delivered every two weeks, once a month, or at a custom rate. By getting your chosen number of dog treats delivered, you won’t have to wonder if they’re still fresh. You’ll be able to offer your dogs delicious, nutritious, and fresh treats every day.

    Once dog treats arrive, remember to store them in their original packaging. Use airtight dog treat containers for optimal freshness until your next delivery. This is a great way to provide healthy fresh treats for your dogs regularly!


    Giving your dogs healthy and nutritious dog food is essential. Provide them with food and treats made with the highest quality ingredients, like Carolina Prime Pet dog treats. And don’t forget to keep them fresh to maintain their nutrition and flavor!

    Sign up for Carolina Prime Pet’s subscription service for fresh treats delivered straight to your home. Store treats in airtight dog treat containers in their original packaging and make sure to keep the container clean. Your furry best friend will thank you.

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