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    Tear Stains on Dogs – How to Prevent Them

    Image of a vet observing a weaner dog.

    If you notice dark, reddish streaks under your dog’s eyes, it doesn’t mean they’ve just watched a sad movie or are upset. These are dog tear stains. And while they’re harmless, they could suggest an underlying eye issue.

    Some breeds have them more often than others, and many things can cause them. You should call a veterinarian to discuss treatment options if you notice them on your dog. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent tear stains. Here’s what the savvy pet owner should know to keep their pooch’s pelage pristine.

    What Are Dog Tear Stains?

    Dog tear stains are marks you’ll find underneath a dog’s eyes. They can be anywhere from brick red to dark brown. They’re much more noticeable on dogs with lighter fur, but dark fur pups can still get them. While they’re called dog tear stains, these marks don’t have anything to do with your dog’s emotions.

    The real cause is a unique pigment in the tears. Dogs with eye irritation can produce too many tears to help the eye stay clear and comfortable. When the tears fall on the skin, the pigment-rich moisture causes the tear stains.

    Should You Worry About Tear Stain on Your Dogs?

    The causes of tear stains on dogs can vary, so it’s important to talk to a vet once you notice them. Not every reason is serious. But some, like glaucoma or eye infections, need medical attention.

    These stains are also more common on Bichon Frises. They can also develop these on their toes or around these muzzles. If you’re this breed’s proud owner, know there’s a higher chance of your dog getting these stains.

    Other breeds like Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, and Pugs are more likely to have eye problems. Their eye problems also increase their chances of having tear stains.

    Yet, it’s good to know that most dogs that get tear stains don’t have them because of an eye problem. But either way, you want to rule out any health concerns before you take matters into your own hands.

    Preventing Dog’s Tear Stains

    After you chat with your vet about your pup’s health, it’s time to take action. There are some simple steps you can take to ensure you maintain your furry friend’s coat.

    Note: While the tips below may be very helpful, always, always talk with your vet and get their guidance before you do anything. 

    Take a Look at Food Quality

    Many kibbles and treats have fillers that don’t do anything for your dog’s health. Some can even cause allergic reactions, including eye irritation. So there’s a chance your dog’s tear stains come from their diet!

    Start by checking the ingredients that you feed your dog. You can also check the website of the company that makes it to get more information. If you’re looking for a good place to start, see what we have in store at Carolina Prime Pet!

    All Carolina Prime snacks contain nutritious and natural ingredients. We also pack them with ingredients known for their vitamins and minerals. Be sure to check out our wholesome Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato Stix. Your pooch will adore these delicious treats, and focusing on better ingredients with your dog’s treats and kibble could also help keep those tear stains at bay!

    And Don’t Forget the Water Quality!

    Giving your dog filtered water could also help prevent these stains. Water can latch on to hairs after they go for a drink, and tap water could contain irritants that get in their eyes. It’s not a cure-all but an easy switch worth trying.

    Keep Up On Excessive Tear Production & Overall Hygiene

    You can also do some light daily grooming. Trimming the hair around the eyes or using canine eye wash can help relieve your dog from irritated eyes. Remember, if you use anything that leaves the area wet, dry them properly. You can also do this after your dog drinks out of the bowl. Whatever it takes to keep them comfortable!

    If you’re dealing with tear stains on your dogs that show up around the muzzle or toes, you can apply cornstarch to keep them dry. It also works around the eyes, but this can backfire if the cornstarch irritates your dog further.

    Raising a dog isn’t easy, but reading How To Raise A Dog – Helpful Tips can help!

    Avoid Anything Possibly Unsafe to Eyes & Tear Ducts

    Some products promise to remove these eye stains. But truthfully, these usually either don’t work very well or aren’t safe for your dog. Always talk with your veterinarian before using anything near your dog’s eyes. You want to guarantee it’s safe before it goes anywhere near them.

    Try Different Approaches

    As long as your vet says it’s safe, don’t be afraid to try something new if what you’re doing doesn’t work. Each dog and situation is unique, so what works for some won’t work for all. Don’t get discouraged!

    And don’t forget to keep a routine for dog tear stain prevention. There’s no way to know if a method works if you only try it once! Pick up enough healthy treats, focus on cleanliness around the eyes, and keep the face nice and dry!

    A Healthier, Happier Dog Is Just a Special Treat Away

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