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Good health starts from the inside out. With Carolina Prime you can always count on:

Premium quality, healthy ingredients

Flavors your dog will love

Products carefully sourced and crafted in the USA

Dependable customer service

So there you have it. Experience exceptional quality and treat your dog to the best - join the Carolina Prime pack today! 

Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, we’re a tight-knit group of dog lovers dedicated to providing premium, handcrafted dog treats. And not just any treats. Our treats are responsibly sourced in the USA and lovingly prepared.

You can count on us, from the moment you first place your order until your dog’s eyes light up with glee at the scent of their favorite dog treat. Because we believe in quality products, consistency and unrivaled dependability. For both you and your pup.

Since 1998 we’ve been serving up delicious dog treats, because we love our dogs and know you do too! From Chihuahuas to Mastiffs, and everything in between, it’s our honor and privilege to bring you our very best.

From day one, we sought to do things differently. We wanted to lead the pack by focusing on quality instead of quantity and to never settle for nasty fillers or low quality ingredients. You’ll never find any of that here.

Our aim? To provide premium, top notch dog treats your pal adores; treats you’ll be excited to feed them (because you know how much they love them). Your dog isn’t just a pet after all, it’s part of the family! 

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Featured Products

Our featured products include new dog treats we’ve released as well as originals with a new twist. Check back often to see what new treats we come up with next!

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Sweet Potato Stix
rsz_45250-toppertrainertreats (1)
Salmon & Chicken Jerky
Topper-Trainer Treats
rsz_45310-pbswtpotatobones (1)
Peanut Butter Coated
Sweet Potato Bones
rsz_cpp-salmonspfillets (1)
Salmon & Sweet
Potato Fillets

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