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    Big Dog Treats: Treats For Large Breeds

    Big brown dog waiting patiently for the treat his owner is holding.

    Big dogs have big needs! If your pack includes a large breed dog, you know that these pups are something special. Big dogs have outsized personalities and lots of love to share. Large breed dogs also seem to need more of everything: more food, more space, more playtime, and more treats. If your beloved pooch is say…a Great Dane or Pyrenean Mountain Dog, then you know exactly what we’re talking about!

    So what is the best treat for large breed dogs? For starters, the ideal treat should deliver flavor, nutrients, and a bit of entertainment. Your pup also deserves quality treats made from safe, natural, American-sourced ingredients. Does a treat like this even exist? Keep reading as we uncover which treats are best!

    What To Look For In A Big Dog Treat

    Not all treats are a good fit for all sized dogs. You wouldn’t give a massive Mastiff and a pint-sized Chihuahua the same food, bedding, or toys. Bigger dogs tend to need different treats as well.

    The best big dog treats have certain characteristics in common. Sure, your dog might accept any treat you give them. However, they’ll love large dog treats crafted just for them. Keep your dog busy with large sized treats, unique textures, interesting smells, and more.

    Large Dogs Should Have Large Dog Treats

    Treats are one case where size does matter. Most giant dogs can tear through treats designed for smaller dogs in a matter of milliseconds. Large breeds have powerful jaw muscles and teeth that can crack bones and branches. Dainty treats just don’t do the trick.

    Instead, look for a large dog treat that will stand up to your dog’s chewing power. Carolina Prime Pet’s Sweet Potato Stix are long enough to deliver plenty of chewing fun. These treats are also full of the vitamins and minerals known to be in sweet potatoes.

    Sweet Potato Stix are American-made with responsibly-sourced American sweet potatoes. These treats contain dehydrated sweet potatoes and literally nothing else. Sweet Potato Stix are a choice you and your pup will likely feel really good about.

    Satisfy Their Instincts To Chew

    Most dogs love a good bone, and big dogs are no exception. Gnawing on a bone fulfills a deep instinct that’s found in dogs around the world. And that goes back centuries. Of course, not every type of bone is safe, especially cooked chicken bones. Before adding bones to your dog’s diet, it’s always best to speak to a veterinarian. If you get the green light, then you might want to consider smoked pork femur bones. They’re a delicious option for the larger pups in the pack. Bones can be a great source of entertainment and for that reason they may be one of the best large dog treats.

    At Carolina Prime Pets we use responsibly sourced, top-quality pork femurs that still have meat attached. These bones are lovingly smoked and then stuffed with delicious jerky.

    Your bud can try this amazing big dog treat in two different flavors. The Salmon Jerky Stuffed Smoked Pork Femur is loaded with delicious salmon jerky. Salmon is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which have been known to promote glossy coast and healthy immune systems The Pork Jerky Stuffed Smoked Pork Femur is another fan favorite. Always supervise your dog with any bone treat to make sure they stay safe.

    Explore Tastes, Smells, & Textures With Large Dog Treats

    Large dogs often have an even more incredible sense of smell than other pups. Working breeds like retrievers, herding dogs, and hunting dogs developed very powerful senses. Your dogs can make the most of these strong senses thanks to smelly, flavored, and textured big dog treats.

    Jerky treats offer fascinating smells and tastes that most dog’s can’t seem to get enough of. Carolina Prime Pet’s Pork Jerky and Salmon Jerky are grain-free large dog treats that deliver unique tastes. Dogs of all ages love the chewy texture, delicious flavors, and fascinating smells.

    Promote Dental Health

    Dental care is important for dogs of any size, including large breeds. Not many dogs want to have their teeth brushed, though! In addition to routine care, dental chews can be a great addition for improving your dog’s dental health.

    Carolina Prime Pet’s Dental Jerky is grain-free chicken jerky that freshens breath and may help reduce plaque and tartar. Dogs love the soft, chewy texture. Natural herbs like peppermint, parsley, and rosemary banish doggie breath. Your dog can enjoy a clean, “just brushed” sensation.

    Special Treats For Your Special Dogs

    Welcoming a big dog into your life is a commitment. However, dog lovers across the country know this decision is worth the extra work. Large breeds bring love, fun, companionship, and many other benefits to your family.

    Return the favor with big dog treats crafted with your pup’s needs in mind. Explore Carolina Prime Pet’s large dog treat options to find big, flavorful, and long-lasting treats your dog will love.

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