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Carolina Prime Salmon Jerky Dog Treats

Are your dog’s salmon jerky treats just “flavored?” Kind of like seafood that “tastes like it could be from the ocean, but definitely isn’t from the ocean” kind of deal? Probably underwhelming.

Don’t settle for “fish-flavored” treats when you can give your pup the real deal. Our Salmon Jerky dog treats are made from real, Alaskan Salmon – they’ll keep those tails wagging. We like to keep things flavorful. We’re talking premium quality herbs and spices like paprika, rosemary, and salt. High quality, tasty treats, that satisfy that constant need to chew.

What’s To Love About Our Salmon Jerky Dog Treats:

  • Carolina Prime dog treats are always made from high-quality ingredients. So you know you’re giving your dog the best.
  • When we say salmon, we mean real salmon. Go ahead and read our label. It’s the very first ingredient in these yummy treats.
  • These jerky treats are soft and chewy – perfect for our smaller canine friends too!
  • Salmon is packed with rich Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. They’re known to promote cardiovascular and joint health!

Treat your dogs to a new and exciting way of snacking. Carolina Prime Salmon Jerky is only a click away.

Here’s a few common questions about salmon jerky:

Can dogs eat dehydrated salmon treats?

Generally speaking, yes. Most vets say that dehydrated salmon is safe for dogs. It’s known to be a very healthy treat for dogs. That said, please consult your vet. We keep the strictest standards, to make sure our treats are prepared properly and safe.

Is salmon jerky healthy for dogs?

First, our salmon jerky is safe for dogs. It’s packed with rich Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and lots of protein. It’s brimming with nutrients. Essential nutrients known to improve joint health, cardiovascular health and more.

What about fish jerky in general? Is fish jerky good for dogs?

Naturally, we recommend the nutrient-rich Alaskan salmon jerky the most. But fish jerky (in general) is great. It has many of the same benefits as salmon jerky. That said, salmon jerky comes out ahead in a few things. Its omega fatty acid content is higher than most fish, for one. And it has more vitamin D than most fish.

Is Alaskan salmon better for dogs?

Research shows that Alaskan salmon consume healthier nutrients. (Compared to farm-raised salmon in particular.) Does that mean it’s healthier? Well, it’s certainly possible. But salmon in general, whether farm-raised or Alaskan, is known to be healthy for dogs. Most experts seem to recommend Alaskan salmon over farm-raised salmon, but both are great options.

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

6 oz, 1 lb

1 review for Salmon Jerky

  1. Ross Schmitt (verified owner)

    I purchased these Salmon treats for my 4-1/2 year old Golden Retriever “Baby”. SHE LOVES them! I did get the 1 lb bag. They smell soooo good, I wanted to taste one, but Baby wouldn’t let me. Will buy again!

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