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    Dog Adoption Checklist – Necessities & More

    Dog Adoption Checklist

    Adopting a dog involves more than just selecting your new furry family member (though that part is extremely fun!). You’ll also need to bring the necessary documentation, fill out paperwork, and sort out transportation. And those are just the steps for preparing to leave the shelter. Before your dog even sets paw in your home, you’ll want to consider food, water bowls, their crate, and much more. And that’s why we’ve created an easy-to-follow dog adoption checklist!

    Because you want your dog to feel safe and comfortable once they arrive, brainstorming what you’ll need beforehand is a great idea. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

    Dog Crate

    When bringing a rescue dog home, it’s important to provide them with a space that’s comfortable and feels like their own. A place they can easily escape to if they feel overexerted or unsure of things. As exciting as adoption may be, it can also be overwhelming for a dog.

    In hopes of bringing their anxiety levels down a bit, consider ways you can make their space feel warm and inviting. A cozy blanket or a familiar stuffed animal may be just the ticket. You may even consider giving your pup an article of clothing that smells like you. That way they can get familiar with your scent and nuzzle next to it when they’re longing for extra comfort.

    A dog crate is also important if you’re bringing home a puppy who’s not house-trained. Even for an adult dog who once understood the rules, a crate is probably still a good idea. They’re getting used to the rules of a new home. Providing your dog with a designated space that’s cozy can help them feel more secure and at ease in their new home.

    Dog Adoption Checklist

    Lots of Toys

    Dogs love toys, whether they’re young pups or older hounds. When making your dog adoption checklist, give your furry friend various toys they can play with. This can include squeaky toys, possibly a rope, and other fun varieties of toys. You may also want items that help with their sensory activation, like treat toys (they pair really well with our small topper-trainer treats). Plus, playing with your dog is a great way to bond, so grab some toys that you can both enjoy together and check this important item off your dog adoption checklist.


    As an added bonus, when your pup needs some extra comfort, soft and plush toys are the way to go. They can snuggle up and feel comforted, associating their favorite toys with relaxation. Just make sure to pick toys that won’t be a choking hazard or cause any harm to your pup.

    Food & Water Bowls

    When adopting a dog, your dog adoption checklist should definitely include food and water bowls. You also want to get food your new companion is ready to enjoy. For this reason, some new pet owners consider purchasing the same brand the shelter’s been using. Depending upon your preferences, you may want to transition to a new brand later, but starting with something familiar may be a good idea. Of course, research is key! By doing your due diligence (or speaking to your vet), you can land on a brand that’s suitable for your pet’s dietary needs.

    You might also want to consider purchasing an extra water dish for an outdoor area if they’re going to be spending some quality time out there.

    A Dog Bed

    When making your dog adoption checklist, it may be a good idea to add a doggy bed to your shopping list. Sure, you’ll probably want to put a doggy bed or kennel pad in their crate, but we’re talking about an additional bed for another area in your home. That way your dog can feel cozy in your living room, bedroom, or another room that you frequently hang out in. Just imagine you and the family sitting cozy in the living room, while Daisy snoozes softly near the couch.

    By putting it in a location where people frequently visit, she can feel a part of things too. It can help make socialization and family bonding that much easier.

    Dog Adoption Checklist


    As a new pet parent, providing everything your dog needs to thrive is important. This includes treats. Treats are essential for bonding, training, and rewarding. They can also make your dog feel comfortable and happy in their new home. To ensure your dog gets the best, we recommend choosing products made with wholesome, natural ingredients.

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    Final Thoughts

    Adopting a dog is a big decision that requires careful consideration. It’s not just about choosing the dog you want; it’s about ensuring you can provide all of its needs. Before bringing your new furry friend home, reviewing a dog adoption checklist is a good idea. The checklist above covers many of the essentials, but there are other important things to think about as well. Collars, ID tags, leashes, training pads, and many other items should be considered. We couldn’t cover everything in this short list, but we hope it was a good start! Going through this dog adoption checklist can help ensure you have the basic items to help provide your dog with the care and attention it deserves.

    Dog Adoption Checklist

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