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    Dog Treats Made In The USA – Why Quality Matters

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    One of our biggest pride points here at Carolina Prime Pet is the fact that all our treats are made right here in the USA. However, many companies try to cut corners by outsourcing production to other countries. If you’ve ever wondered, “Are dog treats made in the USA really better?”, then keep reading. We’re going to look at a few reasons why buying dog treats made in the USA is better for both dogs and their owners. 

    What Does The ‘Made In The USA’ Label Mean?

    There’s a reason that companies proudly stamp this message on their products. It’s about more than just national pride. You see, America enforces strict standards on manufacturers. On the other hand, foreign countries supplying to the U.S. can sometimes let certain things slide. This means that imported goods can come with a slew of negative qualities. Regulations and penalties aren’t nearly as strong for foreign pet products. 

    In order for a company to legally use the Made In The USA label, their entire product must be approved by the Federal Trade Commission. That’s why it’s a rare honor to see these words printed on packaging. When you see this claim, you know the ingredients and materials you’re buying are trustworthy. 

    Every single one of our products has this label. All Carolina Prime Pet dog treats are made right here in the USA. That’s why we’re able to offer authentic delicacies such as:

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    Foreign Treats Can = Lower Quality Ingredients 

    In 2007, something terrible happened. Pet food companies importing products from China tried to cut costs by using ingredients like wheat proteins and rice. However, these goods were contaminated. A toxic chemical called melamine often found in plastic factories caused over 5,000 animals to become sick and 1,000+ to lose their lives. 

    Just like with human food, the less ingredients you see on a label for dog treats, the better. A bunch of long, confusing words that you’ve never heard of? Red flag. Just a few all natural, whole ingredients? You’ve likely found a winner. 

    Many international dog treats also make use of harmful chemicals or fillers like wheat. We know better, and that’s why we sell lots of wheat-free treats! One of our classics is our real meat Pork Jerky

    Keep in mind that even some USA sourced dog treats use ‘feed-grade’ ingredients. These are held to very questionable safety rules. If you want the healthiest option for your dog, choose treats that are made in the USA AND use human-grade ingredients. We’ve got lots of treats that check this box. A fan favorite is our Chicken Tenders treats, which are made from 100% inspected human grade chicken. And what about almonds – can dogs eat them?

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    Dog Treats Made In The USA Are Safer

    If you take a look at dog treats made in the USA side-by-side with treats from other countries, you can often see a clear visual difference. Sometimes poorly made treats can have small bits and pieces that your dog can choke on. 

    The harsh truth is: some foreign manufacturers just don’t care about your pet’s wellbeing. When companies are willing to do whatever it takes to cut costs and increase their profit, it is unfortunately your dog’s health that may suffer. 

    Dangerous contaminants sadly make it into foreign-made dog treats like jerky strips. This can lead to salmonella and antibiotic residues. As we’ve seen, thousands of dogs have gotten sick from treats made in China and other countries. In some tragic cases, the poor pups even passed away. Because the FDA doesn’t investigate tainted goods until multiple complaints are filed, countless pets might suffer dire consequences long before the foreign manufacturer is banned. 

    You can trust our simple, all-natural treats to be safe and healthy for your pup. Many of our products, like our Sweet Potato Fries, are made with just a few, or even just one ingredient. Does your dog love peanut butter? Of course! All dogs love peanut butter, which is why we offer our heavenly Peanut Butter Coated Sweet Potato Bones.

    Buying American Supports Local Economies

    China’s food exports to the US grew fast after they joined the World Trade Organization in 2000. However, the safety standards for Chinese factories at this time are not ideal. 

    Overseas manufacturers who use cheap ingredients can sell their products in America for competitive prices. But when you choose to buy these products, you take away support from American companies who are trying to do things the right way. If more consumers vote with their dollar, businesses who make dog treats made in the USA can continue to grow. 

    Your choice to support American businesses also reduces your carbon footprint. This is because the products don’t have to be imported from overseas. 

    Each dog treat you buy from Carolina Prime Pet supports this goal. Let your pup chow down on treats you can feel good about. Our Chicken Breast & Sweet Potato Fillets for example will have them licking their chops while you get peace of mind. 

    Invest In Quality – Buy Dog Treats Made In The USA 

    Although mass-produced treats from other countries might be cheap, they just aren’t worth it. You get more bang for your buck with dog treats made in the USA. When it comes to your dog’s health, don’t just go for the quickest and most convenient option. Invest in your pup’s health by feeding them the right ingredients. We will always celebrate our “Made in the USA” dog treats and we hope you’ll support our mission too.

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