Salmon and Sweet Potato Fillets


Have your furry friends been turning their noses up on the treats you serve them? Maybe it’s because they don’t taste great.

Dog treats don’t have to be boring. In fact, here at Carolina Prime, we believe quality and taste should go hand in hand. Our Salmon And Sweet ‘Tater Fillets are not only made with great ingredients, but they’re also lip-smacking good. We’ve combined Alaskan Salmon with hearty sweet potatoes and a smokey flavor dogs will go crazy for!

What’s To Love:

  • Carolina Prime dog treats are always made from premium quality ingredients you can trust. These Salmon And Sweet ‘Tater Fillets are no exception.
  • Salmon is known for its rich fatty acids content, while sweet potatoes are celebrated for their antioxidants and essential vitamins. Talk about a winning combination.
  • Deliciously satisfying! The combination of sweet potato and salmon is exciting and tasty.
  • They’re perfect for dogs of all sizes

Skip the boring stuff. And better yet – skip the icky stuff. At Carolina Prime we always avoid harmful fillers, preservatives, and questionable ingredients. Give your dog treats they’ll love, from a company you can trust. Click below to order now!

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2 in

12 oz, 5 oz

1 review for Salmon and Sweet Potato Fillets

  1. Robbin

    My girl LOVES these! She has a chicken allergy so I have to watch what she eats. I gave her one to try and she came back for more! She will ven go back and make sure she has cleaned the area she had her treat. She never does that! Will definitely purchase again.

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