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    Respect Training For Dogs – Tips & Tricks

    Owner's index finger over dog's mouth.

    Have you ever gone to the dog park and come across a dog that’s a little rough around the edges? You know, the one that’s too hyper and loves to jump on unsuspected visitors? Or even worse… the aggressive one. Either way, nobody likes being at the dog park when they’re there. Why? Because of how disrespectful they are towards other dogs or humans.

    This begs the terrifying question: Is YOUR dog that dog? And, how can you make sure your dog isn’t the reason people start fleeing for their cars? The answer is simple: teach them respect!

    Respect training for dogs isn’t necessarily something pet owners think of when adopting or purchasing a new pet. But as a dog owner it’s really in your best interest to teach them respect. The key is to lovingly set simple boundaries and expectations. Most dogs thrive with a bit of structure!

    Keep reading to learn more helpful tips and tricks for teaching your dog these vital lessons.

    The Basic of Respect Training For Dogs – It’s All About Boundaries

    A boundary can be anything from a physical barrier to a set of rules your dog follows. These boundaries need to be clear so your dog easily understands what they are. The best way to teach your dog boundaries is through consistency.

    For example: If you want your dog to stop jumping on you, correct them every time they do it. Better yet, stop them as soon as you see their legs lift, right before they’re about to jump.

    When correcting your dog, use a firm voice. It doesn’t need to be loud or mean, but strong. Dogs also get cues from your body language. Try using a firm voice and maybe narrowing your eyebrows. Your dog will quickly learn which behaviors are pleasing to you and which are not.

    Another key pointer in respect training for dogs is don’t forget to praise your dog when setting boundaries. If you’re only using corrective or negative reinforcement, you’re missing out on valuable training moments. These moments are just as valuable, if not more so. In these moments, your dog is learning that it feels nice to stay within those boundaries.

    One way you can do this is by rewarding your dog with praise or a healthy treat (or a dental treat to take care of two birds with one stone). When they begin respectfully approaching you with all of those precious paws on the floor, why not reward ‘em for it?

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    Teach Your Dog With Clear Expectations

    Good respect training for dogs means clear expectations. You know how people thrive with clear expectations? Well, so do dogs. Our furry friends love knowing what our expectations are and what pleases us. Once again, consistency is key here. An easy way to do this is by teaching your dog basic commands like sit and come. By teaching them these valuable skills, you’re also teaching them that you expect them to listen when you speak. Not to mention – these skills are vital when you’re out and about. Especially for safety reasons and if your dog gets off leash!

    But don’t forget to make things fun. Why not offer your pup some Cheeze & Sweet Potato Tiny Bites and plenty of praise for a job well done? You’re sure to make your respect training sessions for dogs that much more enjoyable and sweeter for your pup!
    Pet owner training her dog to show respect.

    Commands To Help Your Dog Learn Respect

    So what commands can you teach your dog that will make them more respectful? A few good commands to start with respect training for dogs are:

    • Come
    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Leave it
    • No
    • Down
    • Heel
    • Lay down
    • Kennel up

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    These commands take concentration and respect on your dog’s part, making them a more pleasant dog to be around at the dog park. Not to mention at home! These commands do take time to teach, but that’s okay. The time you spend teaching your dog can strengthen your relationship and make you a better team.

    It’s also fun learning what tastes your dog gravitates to and what makes the most satisfying reward. For instance, is your dog more of a Chicken Tender lover or Salmon Jerky enthusiast – or do they enjoy the sweet and savory goodness of Turkey Wrapped Sweet Potato Bones best? When it comes to respect training for dogs (or any kind of training for that matter), it doesn’t hurt to spoil them a little, when their treats are made of wholesome, natural ingredients. Before you know it, your pup’s going to be showing off those extra skills at the dog park!

    Can You Successfully Teach Your Dog Respect?

    Is respect training for dogs effective? Of course! Although some dogs are harder to train than others, you can successfully train your dog to be respectful. Whether you take on the role of teacher or enroll your pup in doggy obedience school, with a little work and patience, it’s sure to pay off.

    Your dog may even surprise you with how astute they are! And if your pup was the naughty one at the dog park, they’re sure to impress their new doggy pals (and their owners!) with their impressive manners. Happy training!

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