Winter Activities For Dogs – Fun In The Snow, Movie Night, & More!

Dog playing catch in the snow

If you’ve ever googled “dogs and snow”, chances are you went down a rabbit hole of footage. From pups prancing around through piles of snow, dogs slipping and sliding, and so much more. The chilly change of weather can bring about new sensations and emotions in your furever friend. So why not take full advantage of all the magic the season has to offer?

It’s important to note, however, that the winter months can be brutal for some dogs. A lot can depend upon a dog’s breed and temperature preference. Below are some fun suggestions for indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy during the winter season. But first some safety tips…

Dogs And Snow Safety Tips  (Before Indulging in Winter Activities For Dogs)

Before you step outside and carry out the many winter activities for dogs you plan to, remember these helpful tips:

  • Keep a towel by the door when coming back inside to remove any snow balls in between paw pads.
  • Consider bundling your pal in a winter dog jacket or booties to protect their skin or paws from becoming dry and flaky.
  • Never shave your pup down to the skin in the winter as longer coats provide more warmth.
  • Depending upon your vet’s advice, consider adding more calories to their diet as dogs tend to burn more energy when trying to stay warm.
  • Staying hydrated can help with dryness and skin irritation throughout the cold winter months.
  • Consider clipping a GPS dog tracker onto your pup’s collar in case they get a little too adventurous while enjoying the snow.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the biggest safety precautions prior to introducing your dog to snow, let’s hop into the frosty fun winter activities for dogs, shall we?

Plan A Pet-Friendly Hike

Not only are hikes a great form of exercise for us, but they’re also one of the best winter activities for dogs! If your pup loves the outdoors no matter the temperature, bundle up and treat them to a hike. With new smells and sights to explore, their spirits (and their adrenaline) will be bright as day! Just don’t forget to bring along a bag of savory snacks and some water to keep your four-legged friend energized and fully hydrated.

Start A Snowball Fight

One of the fun winter activities for dogs is a snowball fight
Ever notice the immediate joy that appears on your furry friend’s face when feasting their eyes on a ball? There’s no doubt they’ll surely get a kick out of chasing a ball in the snowy weather. Take your dog to a park or open field and toss around small dollops of snow for them to chase around. Best of all? These balls are entirely indestructible, so chomp away!

Another classic winter activity for you and your dog in the snow is a snowball fight. Believe it or not, dogs and snow go hand in hand, especially considering their love for fetching. Whether that be a toy or a snowball! Form snowballs from soft snow (don’t pack them too hard), then gently toss them at your dog. Try tossing tighter packed snowballs in the air for your dog to jump at and try to catch. It’s quick, easy, and a good workout for both of you! Even small dogs can enjoy this outdoor activity.

If the frigid outdoor temps don’t exactly tickle your fur baby’s fancy, there are plenty of indoor winter activities for dogs to enjoy this season..

Host A Movie Night

Why not cuddle up with your cutie for a cozy movie night in? Better yet, transform your living room into a relaxing retreat for your furry friend, complete with doggy beds! Select a movie that will get your pup’s tail wagging like Lady and the Tramp or Scooby-Doo. And don’t forget their favorite blanket for maximum comfort.

Speaking of movie night essentials, what’s a successful box office bash without savory snacks?! Treat your pup to our Pork Jerky sticks to keep them extra busy, or some Cheeze & Sweet Potato Tiny Bites for them to chow down during the main event. Winter activities for dogs are always extra special with extra yummy treats!

Make An Indoor Agility Course

Make use of your furniture, blankets, broomsticks, and other objects around your home (that aren’t too expensive or breakable!) to create a fun agility course. This is one of the best winter activities for dogs as it requires extensive physical energy and will keep your precious pup warm all season long. Training your pup to navigate this at-home obstacle course can sharpen their mental stimulation. It can also keep your pooch busy with hours of physical exercise. But don’t forget to treat your little Olympian to a savory snack at the end.

Teach Your Dog A New Trick

They say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but it’s time to throw the rulebook out the window. Why not have a little indoor fun as the snow settles in? If you’ve always wanted to teach your dog the “shake” or “roll over” trick, get into a routine of practicing the new command each and every day. With a little patience and persistence, they’ll have it mastered in no time.

Our Salmon Topper Trainer Treats make training easier and are packed with top quality ingredients that won’t leave your pup feeling too full.

Whether staying in or venturing out, we hope these winter activities for dogs suggestions were helpful to you!

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