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    9 Fun Ideas To Add To Your Dog’s Bucket List

    9 Fun Ideas To Add To Your Dog’s Bucket List

    Whether you have a perky new puppy or a sweet senior dog, your time with your dog is precious. So why not create a dog bucket list filled with fun activities? (Or senior dog bucket list.) It’s the ulti-mutt way to create memories with your furry friend. Memories you can both cherish forever!

    Here’s the thing. While you may have knocked out a few experiences from your own bucket list, there’s likely someone at home who’s also itching for new experiences. Now we’re not saying jumping out of an airplane with your beloved Corgi is a good idea. But there are a number of fun things you can add to a dog bucket list that will make their life feel a bit more special.

    From backyard fun to weekend getaways, we’ve created a list of special dog activities and experiences that may be worth adding to your dog’s bucket list. Combine them with some of your own ideas and you’ll soon have the perfect list. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

    Camp Out With Your Dog

    If you’re a fan of camping, you’ll want to consider adding this adventurous activity to your dog’s bucket list. Many humans love camping under the stars, catching fish, and gathering around a toasty campfire while surrounded by nature. But you know who may love it even more? Our dogs. Just picture your pup weaving through the bushes, jumping over logs, and gazing at a nearby stream. It’s as if they were built for this stuff! Camping with your pup may also allow you the opportunity to cross off your own bucket list items.

    Do you dream of camping in the Great Smoky Mountains or adventuring through Rocky Mountain National Park? Maybe you should bring your dog along! Just be sure to plan ahead and follow all the rules of the park. And don’t forget to pack your dog’s favorite treats – our Salmon Jerky treats and Salmon & Sweet Potato treats are hearty, wholesome, and are easy to dish out.

    Attend A Festival

    Who doesn’t love a great festival? Music, food, and a lively crowd – what’s not to enjoy? How about next time you’re searching through festivals, you look for a dog-friendly one to attend? Unless your four-legged friend isn’t a fan of crowds, they may very well love the activities and events a festival has to offer! One more thing crossed off that dog bucket list!

    Throw a Birthday Party

    Along similar lines, you can throw a party for your pup’s birthday. Not all dogs will appreciate this perhaps, but most will love striking this off the doggie bucket list! You can play fetch, have other dogs over, meet at a local park to make some time for both your furry pal and your friends – the options are endless! Whatever you do, as long as you get to spend quality time with your best friends and pup, you’ll both enjoy this part of your doggy bucket list. Need some ideas? Check out our gift ideas for dogs, the best bones, and these dog treat toys!

    Dog Spa

    Hey, dog owners aren’t the only ones who need to spend time on some TLC, especially in the form of a relaxing day at the spa. Taking your dog to a luxurious spa may give her the experience of a lifetime – all while helping her relax. Mud bath treatments, blueberry facials, and massage treatments are something your dog probably never knew they needed, but (clearly) deserve. Spa day on the dog bucket list? Check.

    Day Out On The Boat

    Turn that boat ride into a canine cruise. Taking your dog out on the boat is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of nature while strengthening your bond. If you’ve got a private boat, you can access lots of dog-friendly lakes and even have a picnic with your favorite foods, drinks, and treats! Bring along some Carolina Prime Pet doggy treats for an extra special time. Or if you’re visiting a new area, you can check with the local water taxis and ferries to see if you can bring your pooch with you.

    Go To A Dog Park

    Not all dog bucket list activities have to be extraordinary. Something as simple as a visit to one of the dog parks in your area can be an exciting adventure, in and of itself. Pack a picnic and some games, and make a whole day out of it! Or if you’re feeling super spontaneous, make it the first stop on a long, doggie-focused road trip! One of the most helpful commands at the park is “stay.” Read how to teach your dog to stay here!

    Have a Glorious Shopping Spree at the Pet Store

    Not much will get your pup more excited than a place packed with delicious foods, treats, toys, sights, smells, and other dogs! Go to your favorite pet store, not just to shop, but to spree. You can lead the way to the best parts of the store, or you let your pup lead the way, following the smells and many curiosities available only in pet shops. Then the real fun comes at home or the park or wherever you go after. That’s when you get to play with the toys, try the treats; sample the decadent array of fine bones and yumminess you’ve procured.

    Spend The Day At A Beach

    You may be surprised to learn how much your dog loves the beach. Look for leash-free beaches both you and your pup can attend. Leash-free will allow him to run across the soft sand to his heart’s content while you paddle board, swim, or run with him. But always stay close by and never allow them to swim too far from shore.

    Also, here’s a bonus idea for your doggy bucket list. Early sunrise and evening sunset are beautiful times for a family photo shoot with your pupperoni. Puppy dogs, senior dogs, terminally ill dogs – whatever the situation, this is a wonderful bonding experience that’ll capture that memory forever.

    Participate In A Canicross

    A mashup of the words “canine” and “cross-country,” this race is completed with both dog and dog parent. Work together with your best friend to navigate technical terrain. Just make sure you know what you’ve signed up for, though. Because in a canicross, runners are being pulled by their canine teammates. Depending upon your dog’s breed and temperament, this can be a great addition to the bucket list for your doggo. Don’t forget to reward your furry athlete with a luxurious, well-earned doggy massage!

    Raising a dog can be involved, but reading How To Raise A Dog – Helpful Tips can help!

    Chow Down At A Dog-Friendly Restaurant or Doggie Bakery

    Are you a food lover? (We already know your dog is, especially where a fine steak dinner is concerned.) Wine and dine your sophisticated senior dog or bright-eyed pup at a restaurant that welcomes furry friends. Or take her to a doggie bakery if you have one near you. Pack that puppy bowl with a delicious, gourmet meal and allow your pet to experience the art of dining out. Make sure to follow up with dental treats to take care of their teeth!

    Have A Movie Night

    Bring comfort and entertainment to your living room and plan a movie night with your best friend! Cozy blankets, a favorite film, and lots of snacks and treats to enjoy can make for a wonderful memory. Turkey Wrapped Sweet Potato Bones are a great treat for your dog to snack on while enjoying his favorite flick. Want to turn the fun things up a notch? Project the movie outdoors!

    Go ahead and make that dog bucket list. It can provide you and your canine with ample opportunities to bond and enjoy new experiences together. Happy grand adventures friends!

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